Personalised Farming For Personalised Health

Different people have different needs; this is why our lifestyles differ. A farmer’s lifestyle is significantly different from that of an accountant, and so are their diets. For every lifestyle, every person inadvertently sticks to a certain diet. Some people even stick to one thinking that it is a prerequisite of a particular lifestyle. The common misconception many have is that their lifestyle dictates their diet and eating habits, but this shouldn’t be the case. There are a multitude of options when it comes to eating, but there should be only one when it comes to eating healthy—going organic. With the boom of the “green movement”, organic farms are now continuously growing in number, with many areas having their own local organic farms. Families conscious about their health usually go to an organic farm or market to get fresh, chemical-free produce, and many communities even lend a hand in supporting organic or “green” farmers. Many farms now employ a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and with good reason; a CSA guarantees fresh produce from a local farm straight to your kitchen. This is helpful in several ways—it helps the farm because a CSA ensures that all produce is sold, it helps the environment by limiting wastage, and it helps you by providing healthy, all-natural produce for your family or community.

Similar to this effort, Clickafarm gives you a more personal experience through the concept of personalised farming. With CSA’s, an initial outlay guarantees support for the farmer, consequently assuring you a share of the produce come harvest time. This is great, but it does not give you the power to choose which of the produce you get and in what quantities. Personalised farming, on the other hand, is akin to owning your very own farm where you can “grow” the produce you want. As opposed to the traditional way of farming, wherein farmers grow certain crops and then try to find buyers after the harvest, a personalized farm completely eradicates the concept of wasted produce because seeds are “pre-sold” even before they are planted. Restaurant owners will enjoy the benefits of their very own personalised farm because they don’t have to look for hard-to-find produce and ingredients. Mobile technology also provides a real-time view of your crops via a webcam and an online chat or messaging facility with which you can communicate with the farmer yourself. We know how urgent your restaurant needs are, and through Clickafarm, you can be sure that you will get your organic ingredients in a timely manner.

You can’t go wrong with organic, and you can’t go wrong with organic food that you helped grow yourself. A personalised farm allows you to choose the produce you want at the onset, watch how they are grown, and have them delivered to your home or restaurant, allowing you to build a strong farmer-consumer relationship that will be beneficial in the long run for both parties.

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