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Are you looking for an organic farm near your area? The distance of a farm from your location is an important factor because long-distance deliveries cancel out the environmental benefits of organic food by causing more pollution. Have a look at our farm directory and check if there is an organic farm close to you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the forum is a good place to ask around!

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A Patchwork of Organic Goodness

In Decorah, Iowa, a view from the top will show you a picturesque patchwork of natural reds and greens. Overlooking Canoe Creek valley and surrounded by a restored prairie and oak woods lies a 40-acre, family-run and owned organic farm known

Driftless Organics

You might be wondering what “Driftless Organics” means; even organic experts might raise an eyebrow at the mention of the term driftless. In Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, Driftless Organics refers to a group of dedicated farmers who work tirelessly to grow the

No Secrets, Just Good Sense

Growth, in any endeavor, is a good sign of progress. In Gardens of Eagan, growth is a concept applied to the many facets of organic farming. A farm can only be as good as the farmers who tend to them, and