Green Farmers

Farmers carry a big burden on their shoulders because they are responsible for most of the food we find on our dining table. The weight put on the shoulders of green farmers is greater because they work under more stringent standards in growing organic fruits and vegetables without the aid of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growing organic crops requires organic farming materials, which also benefit the soil by conserving microorganisms that help in keeping the soil healthy. In this section, you can know more about green farms and farmers, and how they help conserve the environment.

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Green Farmers: The Future Of Organic Farming

Working in farms for more than 20 years, Linda Halley’s thumb is as green as can possibly be. A co-owner and operator of Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua, Wisconsin for 15 years, Linda was hailed the 2003 Organic Farmer of the

The Social Revolution In Agriculture

The farmers of today face a breakthrough when it comes to collaborating with fellow farmers. In the past, farmers organized or joined clubs to share their thoughts with like-minded individuals. They had to go to the library whenever something stumped them

The Personal Touch

Have you ever wondered how different a farmer’s life would be if only plants could talk? If this were the case, plants could tell farmers what they really need, when they need it. However, this still remains in the realm of